We invite you to join us in our walk with God share His love, and enjoy His creation as His body of believers.

Faith, Freedom, and Fellowship: The Congregational Way

The Congregational Way is a way of following Christ by faith. We are not led by a creed, but by the Spirit. We seek to grow through: study of the Bible, openness to God's leading, and prayer and care for our church and one another.

The freedom of this Way is not freedom from responsibility, but freedom to follow Christ as the Spirit calls us. We are bound by love, not law, to other members of our local church and to other churches. We understand that each church is ultimately accountable to God.

The heart of any church is fellowship; a bonding of spirit between one another and a unity of spirit between each member and the Lord. Each church is gathered as a covenant community: promising to encourage and strengthen one another in faith.
Food Pantry
Wednesdays Noon to 1:00 PM,
with entrance at the church lower level.
Donations accepted.
Christ-Centered Counseling

Pastor Brad Williams, M.A. in Counseling, offers Biblically-based counseling for individuals and couples, as well as premarital counseling for those seeking an ordained marriage in the church. For more information, contact the church office at (989) 275-5055, or email us at: fcc48653@gmail.com mailto:fcc48653@gmail.com to request initial counseling paperwork.


Missions We Support
  • CRU
  • Forgotten Man Ministries
  • Indian Community Fellowship
  • Lions Den of Roscommon
  • Promise FM
  • SAM - Proclaim Peru Project
  • The Lighthouse School of Gaza
  • Wycliff Bible Translators
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The Lighthouse School of Gaza